Bass Music for Space Travel

The inspiration for this mix came from listening to my vast catalog of music on random-play. Some of the tracks I’ve included in this mix are a little older as I must’ve slept on them when they were fresh. Other tracks are classics that had to be included. The result is a chilled-out, bass-music-for-space-travel-mix. The ambient interludes make it perfect for a Saturday morning after a fun-and-fuzzy Friday night.

I hope you enjoy this podcast. -JJ

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Altus – Sun-dappled
Kimyan Law – Aia
Aerostat Industry – Ocean of Money
Om Unit – Lightbody Transfer
Hydro, Habstrakt, War, Mateba – The New Age
Thing – Images For Jungle
Khords & R381 – Flastag Dream
Es.tereo & Hatti Vatti – Maps
Dub-One – Suspense
Chet Matuto – Monster Tail
Shiken Hanzo – Aikaido
Amit – Fatty Batty (Danny Scrilla Remix)
Indigo – Snowfall
Mark Kloud – Last Light
Dissident – Design Yourself
Kimyan Law – White Moth Anthem
Danny Scrilla – Rigel 7 (VIP)
Kiyoko – Track 1
IJO – Flow Point
Dominic Ridgway – Memory Lapse
Silk Road Assassins – Citadel VI
Om Unit – Transformation
Sully – Lifted
Digid & Squarewave – Rooftop Stepper
Khords & R381 – 3 Colors
Sam KDC & The Untouchables – Alliance
Fistfunk – Do It Right
Nebula – Storms on Jupiter
Altus – Cerulean Skies

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