Soundscapes for Astral Projection

It was a magical day in the early 90’s; I wandered into a metaphysical book store just after moving to Lawrence, Kansas. The smell of Nag Champa blended with old paperback books as the sunlight refracted from the crystals on the shelf behind the counter. I recall seeing a beautiful woman meditating in a large wireframe pyramid made from wood. I felt like an outsider as I asked the store clerk if they had a copy of Temporary Autonomous Zones by Hakim Bay. She looked at me with a subtle smile and informed me that book was out of print. I purchased my copy of The Invisible Landscape by Terrence and Dennis McKenna and went on my journey. Those were magical times in an enchanted place. The sounds of that bookstore still resonate with me, like a siren’s call to the mysterious world of ambient music. It is with that spirit of magic and wonder I present to you my first collection of ambient works, Soundscapes for Astral Projection.

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  1. Deportment
  2. Rutty
  3. Convention and Clarity
  4. Prosper
  5. A Strange Dominion
  6. Tines of Enchantment
  7. Zolpidem
  8. Resolution

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Cover Photo by Palmer Krehel on Unsplash

© 2018 Infinite Output

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